Urbanism > Ballymun Masterplan, North Dublin, Ireland

The masterplan provided a framework for sustainable social and economic regeneration and has made substantial improvements to the built environment. 13 years on, the transformation has been significant.

Ballymun was a huge 1960’s estate known for its inhumane towers, spine blocks, drugs and grazing horses – an image popularised by author Roddy Doyle. The urban design challenge was to transform the dormitory estate into a small town. With the new orbital motorway and expanding airport nearby, Ballymun was no longer simply a suburb on the edge of Dublin.

The plan created a new main street, new local facilities in five neighbourhoods and a new road hierarchy which eliminated long cul de sacs and dual carriageways. The project was not just a housing renewal scheme, but encompassed economic development, environmental improvements, education and training opportunities. Exhibitions of the plan were visited by over 7,000 local people over two weekends. The plan was awarded the Irish Planning Institute’s 1998 Award for Planning Achievement.

Client: Ballymun Regeneration Limited
Current Status: Masterplan completed