Urbanism > Bjorvika Opera Quarter, Oslo, Norway

The Opera House is a new national icon for Norway on the Bjorvika waterfront in Oslo. Completed in 2008, the building forms the centerpiece in the regeneration of this central area of the city.

Metropolitan Workshop was commissioned by Oslo City Council Planning Department to interrogate the Bjorvika Regulation Plan and propose appropriate way of developing two key waterfront sites.

We proposed seven manifesto points which would improve the masterplan and create a harmonious situation more appropriate to a city the scale of Oslo. These ranged from simple moves that can be easily achieved, to more dramatic measures that would mean a more extensive revision of the plan.

One of the driving concepts included framing the key view of the Opera House from Jernbanetorget Square with a new mixed use building incorporating a new elevated waterfront restaurant.

Client: Oslo City Council
Current Status: Planning policy completed
Consultants: Gross Max