Cultural > Eagle Hotel, Bergen, Norway

The team’s vision is to provide an exemplar hotel project that matches or exceeds the experience of any other hotel in Norway. A unique experience with a unique city setting – enhances and resolves the many attributes and challenges the site presents.

The site for this new city hotel in close proximity to city, regional and national transport networks enables the project to fulfill its potential as a major tourist destination for the city and the region.

Positioned on the key threshold to the city from the E39, the building will become one of the first and last buildings that many of visitors travelling by car, bus and tram will encounter.

The rooftop terraces of the hotel will provide spectacular views over the city of Bergen far above the movement of the city. These fluid spaces frame views to the mountains and beyond, providing guests with a unique vantage point and a sense of being elevated into the rooftops. On the top floor a skybar provides a unique angle on the city allowing views to the fjords.

Client: RICA Hotel Group
Consultants: Vardal Lunde