Residential > Floreasca Quarter, Bucharest, Romania

This project was promoted by Bucharest City Council urban design advisors for its regenerative impact on the surrounding post war residential areas and the high density justified by its proximity to a strategic road network and large city park.

The distinctive organising device is the diagonal route that expresses the desire to draw visitors through the scheme from the new square on the main street to the plaza overlooking the park to the west.

Retail frontages line the 200m diagonal street that leads to the ParkPlaza with hotel foyer and rooms overlooking the park. The Offices lie to the east of the plan with independent front doors off the main street and new lanes. The residential zone is to the west side to enjoy the tranquil prospect over the park. There are courtyards of family homes surmounted by a cluster of six towers that climb to 18-22 storeys.

The architecture of the centre explores the idea of veils, or ‘second skins’. The residential towers are timber clad with balconies and winter gardens behind a discontinuous outer glazed skin with a flamboyant tilted and folded surface giving a lantern-like appearance. The second skin of the offices would be perforated metal controlling solar gain and establishing a distinctive and reflective character.

Client: Bucharest City Council
Current Status: Competition entry