Residential > Larvik Waterfront, Larvik, Norway

The town of Larvik in southern Norway has lost its historic connection with its Fjord. Metropolitan Workshop took part in an international urban design competition to regenerate and reconnect the waterfront to the town which is currently cut off by a major road, railway lines and a ferry terminal.

Our proposal began with an analysis of the existing barriers and how they could be reorganised and consolidated to allow permeability and vehicular access through the site. We proposed a new park, a green carpet, between the main street and the waterfront which acts as an attractor and stitches the town back together.

A sustainable mix of uses is proposed along the waterfront, some which contribute culturally to Larvik such as restaurants, education, leisure and cultural facilities. Other uses, such as waterside apartments and a hotel, generate the income required to realise the project.

Client: Larvik Kommune
Current Status: Competition entry – 2nd prize
Consultants: Studio Engleback (Landscape)