Urbanism > Mindemyren, Bergen, Norway

Bergen Municipality Planning Office invited Metropolitan Workshop and Vaardal-Lunde Arkitektkontoret to prepare a vision for Mindemyren. This linear, light industrial district of central Bergen lies parallel to the E39 airport road and in a valley between the two mountains of Ulriken and Lovstaken. Dominated by disused railway sidings and logistics buildings it has been identified by the municipality as a new urban quarter for workplaces and businesses.

Our 30 year vision creates a flexible and dynamic framework for landscape, transport, access, land use and built form which permits several future scenarios rather than one grand masterplan. The phasing will allow to the district to grow as a complete place at all stages of development and population growth.

The plan is based around the creation of five new neighbourhoods and a new district centre at Mindealle. The urban grain would be unique to each neighbourhood and their lateral positions would act as ‘stitches’ across the two sides of the valley. From north to south ‘DNA’ strands of public transport, footpaths, green spaces and water sources would intertwine to give differing intersections and configurations along the length of the site. The culverted water course between the lakes of Solheimsvannet and Kristianborgvannet would be reopened to manage the surface water run-off from the new urban area and surrounding hills.

Client: Bergen Kommune