Cultural > Museum of Conflict, Tripoli, Libya

Metropolitan Workshop won an invited competition to design the new Museum of Conflict in Tripoli, Libya. The design is inspired by tented structures used by the Bedouin and will house permanent and special exhibitions providing a unique platform to showcase Libya’s national story to local and international audiences and educate future generations on the price of conflict.

The 15,000m2 museum will be enclosed by a lightweight, camouflaging ‘veil’, giving the building a dynamic, environmentally responsive and functional form. Underneath the large canopy, a succession of gallery terraces provide external spaces for exhibits and four exhibition pavilions. This combination of terraced spaces and the angled exterior skin supports both enclosed air-conditioned spaces and open spaces.

Located in Tripoli’s planned green belt, near the People’s Congress Hall, the building provides an opportunity to significantly transform this part of Tripoli. Its location west of the city centre also offers the possibility to extend the park landscape into the building and integrate its social and leisure activities with the cultural function of the museum. Maximising the accessibility of the building enhances the sense of ownership for the local and wider community making this a place for the Libyan people and international visitors alike.

Client: ECOU