In celebration of our 15th Anniversary, we have invited key thinkers and doers from the built environment to our new podcast series ‘Reshaped’. Each of the 15-minute episodes will answer questions that have been highlighted as a result of the many changes we encountered this year.

2020 has been a turning point in how we think about the built environment. The impact of pre-existing issues driving radical change has either been accelerated or revealed new issues that need fresh thinking.

“This year has been a challenging time that could turn out to be the threshold of a new era in urbanism and architecture. So we invited visionary people from our industry to talk about the issues we are all grappling with,” says Metwork co-founder and partner, Neil Deely.

“The response was remarkable with key figures such the Mayor of Newham, Rokhsana Fiaz, RIBA President-Elect Simon Allford of AHMM, property developers Tom Bloxham of Urban Splash and Richard Meier of Stories, and leading social sustainability adviser Nicola Bacon of Social Life keen to make their voices heard, along with many other inspirational thinkers and innovators.”

Talks include:

  • Abel Maciel, Senior Research Fellow at The Bartlett, on why AI and Blockchain will transform how we design and use the built environment
  • Nicola Bacon is in search of social value in property development
  • Paul Chatterton, Professor of Urban Futures at the University of Leeds, assesses whether the ’15-minute neighbourhood’ needs broader thinking
  • Simon Allford looks at the opportunities for architects after Covid-19 and the Planning White Paper
  • Michael A LaFond, Community developer at the Spreefeld Cooperative and the Statbodenstiftung (Community Land Trust), takes lessons from Berlin’s co-housing movement
  • Jude Byrne, Property Development and Construction Director, will tackle Dublin’s housing ‘Exodus’

The podcasts will be launched in groups, starting in December and running through to March 2021.

Please find the full list of topics below:

  • Diversity and design: how can design make the most of diversity in the UK? –Rokhsana Fiaz
  • Ethical developers: marketing myth or change of heart? – Richard Meier
  • Social sustainability: what makes places keep working well? – Nicola Bacon
  • Carbon economics: rethinking the city – Pooran Desai
  • A Spitalfields Life: Tales of a Cockney Sikh – Suresh Singh
  • Co-living, or co-housing? Options for the ways we live now – Michael A LaFond
  • Modern methods: is the revolution finally happening? – Tom Bloxham
  • Place in our hearts: are we all placemakers now? – Mary Parsons
  • The 15-minute neighbourhood: an idea whose time has arrived? – Paul Chatterton
  • ‘All that is solid melts into air’: what does a digital future hold? – Abel Maciel
  • People-powered: why people need to be involved in design – Daisy Froud
  • Addressing Dublin’s housing problems – Jude Byrne
  • Walking back to happiness – Peter Freeman
  • Delivering what Irish people want – Gary Gannon
  • Planning the future: will the White Paper save or sink our cities? – Simon Allford
  • For better, for worse: how will the pandemic reshape our towns and cities? – Peter Bishop
  • Dublin’s fairer city: Saving the city centre after Covid – Suzanne O’Connell
  • Ireland at a crossroads – Michelle Norris
  • 15 ways to change our future: what we’ve learnt from our Reshaped Series – Neil Deely