Prospects: A New Kind of Suburbia

‘A New Kind of Suburbia’ captures the ideas Metropolitan Workshop have developing on what suburban housing might become in the 21st century, building upon the considerable body of work of our former colleague and mentor, the late Sir Richard MacCormac.

Below is the Dublin edition and addendum of our publication.

You can read our London edition here.

Making Suburbia, Suburbia Making Architects

Architects Making Suburbia, Suburbia Making Architects is a series of reflective accounts by practitioners working within our London and Dublin studios. The series aims to explore how living in suburbia in the past or present, has shaped practitioner perspectives on the value and potential of the suburban developments and how this informs our aspirations for the suburban places we are involved in shaping.

We intend to supplement these accounts as our programme progresses. If you would like further information or would like to contribute to our Architects Making Suburbia, Suburbia Making Architects, please contact Dhruv Sookhoo, Head of Research and Practice Innovation.

Closing Event

In March 2021 we hosted a lunchtime event based on with the aim to reflect on broad themes that emerged from the wider project. The event was moderated by Dhruv Sookhoo and features Dr. Elanor Warwick (Head of Strategic Policy and Research, Clarion Housing Group), Vincent Lacovara (Head of Planning, Enfield Council and Director, Public Practice), and our very own Jonny McKenna.