Our team

We are a multidisciplinary practice of architects and urban designers. We collaborate across two studios in Dublin and London, and strive to become one of the most trusted, original and responsible voices for architecture and urbanism. Stimulating to work for and engaging to work with.

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How we work

We have a studio culture that is open minded; we listen to better understand, we share our knowledge collegially, we cherish and value genuine collaboration. The work we do is underpinned by a rigorous approach and coherent dialogue, to create something that is thoughtful, creative, engaging and particular.

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Who we work with

Our design comes from a close engagement with the client and the brief, through a process that harnesses the full spectrum of society’s talent. We collaborate with a wide variety of different people from artists and carpenters to researchers and writers. From local authorities, planners, community engagement consultants, and housing developers to, most importantly, the end-users.

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