James Cook, Architectural Assistant

James Cook

Architectural Assistant

London Joined in 2018 BA (Hons), Bartlett School of Architecture, UCL

James’ projects to date include creating a design manual specification for Engie to outline principals for creating energy efficient suburban developments through the application of Engie’s unique smart energy technology. He has also worked on rendering visualisation and 3d physical models for a Maggie’s cancer patient drop-in centre in Cheltenham by developing options to meet new requirements through expanding the existing facility. James is one of the team members working on Oakfield Village; an innovative new housing and regeneration project in Swindon to create a mix of private and affordable housing around a new park. This provides vital new green links between the surrounding neighbourhoods, allotments, community forests and local amenities. James joined Metropolitan Workshop as an Architectural Assistant in 2018 having previously worked at Flux Architects and DAP Architecture.

James’ skill set includes both 2D and 3D modelling. These skills have provided him with the ability to diversify his drawing styles and produce a portfolio of work that is explored in a variety of media.

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