Deirdra Armsby

Deirdra Armsby

Why should planning bother about design?

Good design is a core element in generating a feel-good factor. From the ancient to the modern, design has played a prominent role in the attachment of people to their communities and their willingness to accept significant change and evolution in their built environment. It also tells people they are worth the best and that generates confidence, loyalty, sustainability and care of the environment.  Yes, the function that buildings and space perform is key to feeling attached to your place, but visual delight and that  functionality flow from good design. The look, feel and usefulness of well-designed spaces and places is essential for happy urban density.

If the planning system had the teeth to insist on good design, instead of good enough, we would all be richer!

Deirdra is Director of Regeneration and Planning at the London Borough of Newham, where Neil Deely is chair of the Design Review Panel.

Deirdra Armsby, Director of Regeneration and Planning, London Borough of Newham