John Farrell

John Farrell

How should the rented sector handle environmental issues?

The rented sector should strive to improve the service offering as a means to orchestrate environmental enhancement and abate environmental impact. Only a small portion of the UK’s private housing stock, which is rented, was purpose built for the rented market.  Developers to date have focused on delivering product, purpose built dwellings sold to the private market which have only subsequently ended up on the private rented sector market.  They should take the opportunity of focusing on a service offering for the private rented sector rather than a product.  This can be achieved by delivering purpose-built development for the private rented market whilst integrating community and development with the non-private sector. This will provide better services in the market place, increase competition and enhance living and working standards whilst improving the quality of environment, economic and social terms resulting in the empowerment of the consumer.  We live in a time of the sharing economy and we must work now to develop communities in a sharing society.

John is a building service engineer with a passion for environmental building design and low carbon engineering, with whom we have a long-standing collaboration.

John Farrell, Director

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