WINNER RIBA National Award 2019, RIBA Regional Award 2019. AJ Specification Award 2019, Offsite Construction Award 2019

Mapleton Crescent

Wandsworth, London

Metropolitan Workshop won detailed planning consent for 89 dwellings, 53 of which will be 1b1p affordable Pocket homes on a constrained site in Wandsworth town centre. As Pocket’s largest scheme to-date, it features high-quality shared amenity spaces, including rooftop gardens, shared balconies and riverside terrace which will help build community and social interaction in this tall building.

Pocket Living helps singles and couples on low to moderate incomes to fully own a home of their own as apartments are at least 20% the market rate. The company has just received funding from the Mayor of London to roll out the Pocket Homes programme across London boroughs over the next ten years.

Flats are arranged in two wings with the core on the third side. The architecture features three different kinds of green pleated ceramic panel.

Project photographers: Simon Kennedy, Edmund Sumner

Team: Mendick Waring (M&E) / Clancy (Structures) / TPP (Highways) / Rolfe Judd (Planning)

Collaborators: Loraine Rutt Marc Vlessing Russ Edwards

"This stylish new 27-storey residential tower is an exemplar of innovative modular housing, each flat built and fitted out off-site, then craned into place at the rate of one storey a day."

Rowan Moore, Observer


A local ceramic artist, Lorraine Rutt, helped develop design and colour proposals. The striking green facades feature three different kinds of dynamic terracotta tiles – ribbed, micro-ribbed and pleated. The image bloew is a sample panel featuring all 3 tile variations.


You can find out more about our collaborations with Lorraine Rutt here.