Waterloo West

Waterloo, London

Our Waterloo West project was an area study for a part of Waterloo around the station and to the south as far as Archbishop’s Park and the Lambeth Road.

Metropolitan Workshop was commissioned by Lambeth to develop a vision for what this area could become. It was currently a place that under-performed, chiefly as a result of the impact of the rail infrastructure creating a large physical barrier between east and west, inhibiting permeability and connectivity.

This led to us looking at the possible re-use of the non-operational railway infrastructure; railway arches; yards and so on, to create active spaces and safe and legible routes.

Team: Alan Baxter (Public Realm) / Jason Bruges Studio (Lighting) / Meanwhile Space (short-term projects)

"The culmination of this piece of work was an Action Plan that set out steps to achieve the long-term vision over a series of short and mid-term interventions."